Ms. Kelly Gordon Rogers is a famous musician but prior to being one, she was an astonishing student from prominent academic institutions. She studied how to play the clarinet at the Indiana University together with other famous musicians like James Campbell and Howard Klug. In the University of Central Arkansas, she received her Bachelor’s Degree of Music in Clarinet Performance. Along with many famous clarinet performers in which she was classmates with Maureen Hurd Hause as well as Kristina Belisle-Jones. After some time, she was able to finish her “Master of Music degree in Clarinet Performance” at the University of Indiana. Right now, Ms. Rogers is taking up a “Doctor of Music Degree” within the same major still at the latter University. She also extends her musicality range by getting a degree in Historical Clarinet within the Early Music Institute within the same University she received her degree. Taking this course was also the reason why she joined classes with Mr. Eric Hoeprich.

Ms. Kelly Gordon Rogers’s earlier years as a professional musician was basically built up of her performing together with reputed orchestra groups. These groups are namely; Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, Lafayette Symphony Orchestra, Blooming Pops Orchestra, Pine Bluff Symphony orchestra and Columbus Symphony Orchestra. One of her early achievements was when she became the champion of the Concerto Competition in the year 2002 right when she joined the Symphony Orchestra as their soloist from the University of Central Arkansas.

Her amazing talent in orchestral music has allowed her to be able to work with numerous performing artists in their big live performances. Some of the finest musicians that she was able to work with were Ray Cramer, William Revelli and Stephen Pratt. She was included as one of the notable orchestra performers. This allowed her to share the concert stage with people like Dominic Opera, Arturo Sandoval, and Ray Charles.

One of the probably most acknowledged contributions of Ms. Kelly G. Rogers within the orchestral music scene is her series of clarinet masterpieces named as the “Ensemble Enigma”. These clarinet compositions were played or performed in front of a live audience in some states in the USA and in Japan. A concert that featured her heavenly music magnum opus was called as “A Transfigured Night”. It was headed by a reputed music director Mr. Hidetaka Niiyama and was held at the Auditorium of the Columbus East High School last October 30, 2009. Right now, a CD format of Ensemble Enigma is announced to be released. The compilation is said to feature Schoenbergs “Verklarter Nacht” as well as “Elgar’s Enigma Variations”.



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